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About the author

Dr. Kimei has over 40 years of experience in the banking and financial sector. He is the banker who was the  Group MD & CEO of CRDB Bank Plc for 20 years (1998 to 2018);  Director of Economic Research & Policy at the central Bank of Tanzania (1989-1994); Director of Banking Supervision (1995-1998) and Economist at the central Bank of Tanzania(1978-1989). Dr. Kimei is widely recognised for his role in shaping retail banking in Tanzania.

About the book

Did you know which is the must read book in 2020? It is “Career Finance & Leadership” which is full of perspectives on the banking industry written by Dr. Charles Kimei.


The book starts with a description of the financial system as one of the commanding heights of the economy, mobilizing financial resources and deploying the projects according to their profitability ranking—giving resources to investors with the most profitable projects and denying those with less profitability, unless motivated by other social and environmental criteria—thereby maximizing productivity of savings and economic growth and transformation: This looks like a very standard explanation of the role of the financial system; but it underpins the understanding of why the system must be regulated to provide for its safety and soundness. It also suggests the underlying reasons for the sector to be an anchor of the payments system in an economy—banks are creators of money which is a medium of exchange in its varied forms (cash or legal tender currency, deposits etc). The thrust of presentation in this part is to show that the financial system is one of the commanding heights of the economy, and none can avoid interaction with, and spell out myths about those who work in the sector.
In chapter 3 I discuss the roles of central banks, emphasizing that they have inherent features that give them ability to oversee monetary policy which is their key function. One of the features is their monopoly of currency issue, bankers to banks (counterpart creators of money) and bankers to governments. Here, the future of central banks is threatened by quick adoption of e-money and crypto-currencies. I then move to present how monetary policy gets designed in Research Departments of central banks. This is followed by a brief on Department of Banking Supervision and its operational framework.
The discussion on banking supervision naturally connects well with that of my work experience at CRDB Bank and the innovations we made year after year to climb to the top of the sector by 2005, and retain that position to-date. I take pride, while recognizing the contribution the excellent management team I worked with, in pioneering the following innovations, among many others: real time on-line banking (centralized banking database enabled by Kindle Bankmaster core system; first smart ATM (+POS) cards (Tembocards); wholesale microfinance model leading to creation of the CRDB Microfinance Services Subsidiary Company in 2007; Insurance Agency that grew into CRDB Insurance Brokerage; SMS Banking on Java Platform that moved to an USSD platform and finally into the current Simbanking, SimAccount; special lending program for SME clients; creation of a robust risk management framework; China & Indian Desks; Agent banking; depository ATMs; Branches on the Wheels etc etc.
The rest of the story covers practical lessons, especially in institutional development, change management, strategy, and corporate governance. The book concludes by providing an assessment of the future of the financial system in Tanzania.

Commentary on the book “CAREER, FINANCE AND LEADERSHIP” by Dr. Kimei

This book is a product of knowledge and experience amassed over 41 years of distinguished service to the banking sector. It addresses many issues which the banking industry and professionals grapple with. The author, Dr. Kimei has combined experience of being a central banker and of commercial banking. He knows the requisites of regulating the banking sector, as well as of leadership virtues in the management of banks. It is a unique combination worth learning from.
Dr. Kimei generously gave me the honour of reading the book before its launch. Both the context and the content are exquisite. From the Central Bank perspective he exhorts the improvement of its conduct of monetary policy. He recommends the adoption of strategic control of inflation and a more market-based approach to monetary policy. He also advises on the use of capital adequacy requirement as an instrument of monetary policy to increase credit to the private sector. Coming from a person laden with such rare experience the wisdom in his cautions need to be heeded. As a banker he discloses many challenges needing surmounting. He mentions the trauma faced in lending, especially due to information asymmetry. The others include loan losses related to poor loan origination/underwriting skills and capabilities, poor loan monitoring, weaknesses in loan collection, and unrealistically high interest rates.
I highly recommend those in the banking sector to read the book. I also recommend the book to other practitioners who service the sector, for example, transaction lawyers and accountants.
Dr. Kimei has set the pace for all of us to emulate. We must share our experiences and mould the upcoming generation of banking professionals. I have avoided going through the contents with in-depth in order to leave to the readers the pleasure of discovering the best of Dr. Kimei.

Professor Florens D. A. M. Luoga
Bank of Tanzania
13th March, 2020

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